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Complaints channel

Análisis Survey Unit S.L. will guarantee, during and after the treatment of the complaint:

  • Indemnity and prohibition of retaliation against a bona fide whistleblower. Análisis Survey Unit S.L. will investigate and sanction any type of threat, discrimination or harassment, as well as any other type of negative measure, formal or informal, suffered by the complainant or a person close to him/her, as a consequence of the complaint filed.
  • The confidentiality of the complaints filed, establishing the appropriate mechanisms so that the reported person cannot have access to the data that would allow the identity of the complainant to be known. However, the confidentiality of the report cannot be guaranteed in the event that the information must be communicated to the administrative or judicial authority.

Notwithstanding the previous paragraphs, Análisis Survey Unit S.L. may take disciplinary action against the complainant, in the event that he/she has filed a complaint in bad faith, or knowing it to be false.

The personal data of the complainant and of any other third parties affected by the complaint will be kept in the system in accordance with the regulatory framework for the protection of personal data applicable at any given time.

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